August 2, 2023


The Bernalillo County District Attorney will fight to keep 13 year-old suspected of gunning down a woman in a crowded parking lot, in custody.

Investigators say the suspect, who just turned 13, is charged with shooting and killing Sydney Wilson after Wilson spotted him in her stolen car Monday evening.  The shooting happened in a crowded parking lot of the Smith’s grocery store near Coors & Central.
The suspect has been charged with an open count of murder, unlawful possession of a firearm by a person under 19, and tampering with evidence.

“We are outraged.  The investigation shows an 8th grader with a gun, goes on a joyride with his buddies, then ends up shooting and killing a 23 year-old woman because she asked what they were doing in her stolen car. You bet we’re going to try and keep this teen in custody,” District Attorney Sam Bregman said.

“We are also going to look into how a 13 year-old got ahold of the gun used in his horrific crime,” Bregman said.

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