Identity Theft & Fraud

If you believe that you are a victim of identity theft and/or fraud please contact your local police department to file a report. Once you have filed a police report please visit The Federal Trade Commission’s website to begin the process which is outlined below.

Report Identity Theft

  • The Federal Trade Commission can help you if you are a victim of any of the following: 
    • Someone filed a federal tax return using my information
    • Someone used my information to file for unemployment insurance
    • I want to report another type of identity theft
    • Someone has my information or tried to use it, and i’m worried about identity theft
    • My information was exposed in a data breach
    • Other

To get started on reporting identity theft and begin a recovery plan please visit:

Report Fraud

  • The Federal Trade Commission has also been designated to help you report and build a recovery plan for fraud. If your situation of fraud is about any of the below common problems please visit to begin the reporting process:
    • An impersonator
    • Job, investment, money-making opportunity, franchise
    • Phone, internet, TV service
    • Health
    • Just an annoying call
    • Online shopping
    • Sweepstakes, prize, lottery
    • Auto sale, repair
    • Credit, debt
    • Other

If you need more help, please use Contact Us.