Virtual Resource Hub

The purpose of sharing the below resource hub is to connect you to Albuquerque organizations that can provide healthcare, education, housing, food and other assistance that you may need to help you succeed.


SHARE New Mexico

SHARE New Mexico manages New Mexico’s largest, most up-to-date and comprehensive resource directory. ShareNM was created to help organizations, non-profits and individuals working to improve the quality of life in New Mexico. Built by and for New Mexicans, ShareNM provides convenient access to reliable data on New Mexico community health resources, social services, initiatives and counties. ShareNM also simplifies the process of offering, finding and applying for grants and funding.

Resource Directory Categories

Basic Needs

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Services

Community Services

Consumer Services

Criminal Justice and Legal Services


Environment and Public Health/Safety

Health Care

Income Support and Employment

Individual and Family Life

Services for Targeted Populations

Victim Service Guide